Traits Of A Great Dentist

Even if a bit of science and going to a great dental school can make you think you are a great dentist, you will need to be a great dentist to be considered an amazing dentist. To be great, you must have substantial education and the skill to carry out dental duties. A dentist must also have the right characteristics and qualities to be ahead of other dentists.

Being termed as a great dentist doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be great in science; you also need to have other qualities like being a good business person, great with people, and also being a good artist. If you want to start your practice in LA, you need to have all these qualifications to be part of the top dentist in LA.

The other important qualities that dentists need to have are;

  • Have a way with detail

When working with such a small space like the mouth, you need to be very careful, and you won’t miss any particular detail. As a dentist, you need to be detail-oriented. When you make one slight mistake, your client may suffer a lot of pain. As a dentist, you must also notify your client’s small problems.

  • Have strong interpersonal skills

Many people don’t like visiting the dentist, and you need to make sure your patients feel comfortable around you for this to happen; you need to have interpersonal skills. You need to speak to your patients and make them feel at ease when they visit you, and this will make them come back to you for your services. When providing your patients with the treatment, they need to be frank with them and inform them how they will take the medication; when they feel pain, reassure them that the pain will end in no time and that they should not worry.

  • Be great masters of art

As a dentist, you also need to be a master of art so that you can be able to restore your patient’s teeth and give them teeth that fit their mouth’s structure and give them a smile they have always wanted. Dentistry requires a master of technique so that you can deliver what your patients need.

  • Be passionate

As a dentist, you need to be passionate and be able to provide services to patients who cannot afford your services. Opt to offer payment plans and give your patients a chance to budget for their payments. You could also participate in community programs and budgets to help patients who cannot afford to pay hospital bills. With this, people will see that you are donating about your work and don’t think about money.


As a dentist, you need to have the skills written above so that your patients can trust your services and come back to you in case of an issue. Dentistry is a paying job, and you should not forget about your patients because of the amount you make because, without patients , you won’t make any amount of money.