There are many reasons to purchase a new laser. Maybe you are opening up a new facility, updating your existing lasers to adopt new technology or want to add a new laser treatment to your range of services. Whatever the reason, you must do your diligence beforehand to choose the right laser for your needs. A laser doesn’t come cheap.

If anything, it is a significant investment that will bring you more returns in the long run if you make the correct choice from the very beginning. Asking the right questions is part and parcel of the laser buying process. If you don’t know what to ask the laser experts at sentient lasers, here are some critical questions to help you make an informed choice.

Can the laser perform your required task?

There are different types of lasers with various applications. For instance, if you want to add laser tattoo removal to your list of services, you need to find the best laser for tattoo removal. If you’re going to offer your clients hair removal services, you should focus your search on hair removal lasers.

The range of lasers options has increased in the last few years. Consider the type, capacity, and power of the laser to know whether it can perform your required tasks.

How can you guarantee the laser’s performance?

This critical question has to do with quality control. Therefore you need to review all the aspects surrounding the laser’s performance to validate areas of quality such as machine vision and part processing. A reputable laser vendor will offer a warranty that assures you of coverage if your laser is not working. Ensure you research the company’s turnaround time for service requests.

Which skin types can the laser treat?

Ask about the range of skin types the laser is suitable for to ensure you can treat as many potential patients as possible. Note that lasers with older technologies are limited in the areas of patient accommodation. For instance, some older hair removal lasers cannot treat patients with darker skin tones without the threat of skin lightening. Therefore this is a critical inquiry to make beforehand.

What is the average treatment time?

You may quickly assume that you are getting a good offer for buying a laser with a few years old technology. However, that may cost you more in the long run. Older laser technology needs a longer treatment time, limiting the number of patients you can treat daily. In contrast, newer laser technology has a short treatment time

Is financing available for the laser purchase?

A laser is a significant investment, and you may not be able to pay the whole amount upfront. Enquire about the company’s financing options to help you invest in the equipment. A reputable laser vendor can allow you to spread your payments over several months to avoid straining your pockets.

The bottom line

Never hesitate to inquire when purchasing a laser, no matter how stupid your question seems. Asking questions helps you make the right choice of laser.