Time Needed to Detox Alcohol from An Individual

When a person is addicted to alcohol, it can be hard for him/her to stop it all of a sudden. A person can go for alcohol detox once they have given up on alcohol, and the alcohol has been cleaned up completely from the body. But how much time will that need?

When a person starts alcohol detox, they end up experiencing the symptoms of withdrawal. At times, these symptoms can risk their life. So, if a person is wanting to quit their addiction to alcohol, then they must consider taking a professional’s help that would help them reduce the pain of the symptoms in the body.

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According to research, the initial detox can take almost a week’s time. There can be chances that the symptoms in a person can last for a longer time. In most cases, a person can have a timeline expected as:

  • After eight hours from the first drink, the stage of withdrawal symptoms starts.
  • The symptoms start raising after twenty-four to seventy-two hours
  • After almost seven to five days the symptoms can decrease with intensity
  • And soon after a week some of the side effects most particularly the psychological side effects can be continued.

As alcohol gets flushed out completely from the system of a person, they will start to notice a decrease in the symptoms. Most people notice the changes within five to seven days.

The sooner you decide and get into the rehab, the faster you see yourself healing. Addiction can be healed with the right treatment from a professional.