The Most Popular Reasons to Buy Organic Cotton Tote Bags

Plastics are harmful to the environment. In the United States, many shopping bags are made out of plastic. They eventually end up in the waters and lands, resulting in various health problems and hazardous environmental effects such as global warming. Therefore, one way we can help minimize these effects is by using organic cotton shopping bags and reusable produce bags from SOL+SPIRIT.

Here are more reasons why organic tote bags are so popular right now:

1. They Are Versatile And Durable

Cotton is versatile and long-lasting. But not all cotton is the same. Cotton-growing techniques that are water-intensive need a lot of pesticides, and exploiting agricultural laborers has a terrible influence on the environment. Organic cotton is renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable, with no toxic chemicals used and growers treated equitably along the supply chain.

2. An Organic Cotton Bag Is Far From Being Dull

Cotton allows you to choose the design and size that best meets your taste and needs. Maybe you want something compact and light enough to slip into your pocket. Or a model with thicker straps for easier grocery lugging. Reusable bags are incredibly adaptable, and they’re far more than a grocery bag. Freshie food saver bags are great for storing fresh groceries while an organic cotton canvas bag may be carried as an everyday casual bag when out for a stroll and a great beach bag. Large shopping bags with closures make it simple to protect delicate objects like computers and cameras.

3. Organic Cotton Is An Utility Player

Unlike plastics, canvas shopping bags can take the load for you without tearing. Sharp edges and high weights can cause perforations in plastic bags, but cotton can withstand it. Cotton bags are strong, resistant to wear and tear, and large enough to hold all your belongings. So, you can carry your load stylishly and responsibly—here’s how to use reusable produce bags and how to keep produce fresh.

4. Organic Cotton Bags Are Priceless

You are using, washing, and repeating! Organic cotton bags have a longer life span, allowing you to cherish and use them for a long time. They may be recycled into potholders, coasters, accessories, and other items even when you’ve finished using them. There are several ways to recycle a reusable cotton bag, so be creative. A single-use plastic bag costs around 5 cents on average, and you could quickly go through 350 of them in a year. A reusable bag, on the other hand, is just a little more expensive but with the right care it can last you the entire year .

5. Durable

Tote bags are robust and long-lasting. If you wash and care for them, they may typically last you more than a year. People use and waste an average of 700 plastic bags per person every year, with just 1% recycled. Cotton bags are discarded less frequently due to their durability, and they completely replace the need for plastic bags. This implies that switching to eco-friendly tote bags may significantly reduce the quantity of plastic garbage and cut your contribution by hundreds of bags each year.