The Best Guide to Getting a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card

Marijuana has been legalized into recreational and medical use. However, this has made some consumers confused. Some wonder why people can’t use marijuana as both recreational and medical solutions. If you are one of these people and you want to get a medical card in the state of Colorado, use the following to guide to get the most benefits from marijuana.

Getting a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card

Follow the following steps to get an mmj card colorado:

  • Go online to register with the state. Registration takes just a few minutes. Once you provide your information, you just have to send it to make an appointment with a physician.

  • Schedule an appointment with a local red card physician. You can find an MMJ physician in town. Just ensure you pick one that is on good terms with the state to increase your chances of having your application accepted.
  • Talk about your health condition and general usage. During your appointment, try to be as honest as possible and explain how your health has improved because of cannabis. Your physician will ask you about what consumption method you prefer, your qualifying conditions, how frequently you consume cannabis, and the amount of cannabis you consume. Try to be informed in advance about the qualifying conditions that can make the doctor give you an MMJ card.
  • Complete the process and print your med card. After your appointment, the physician will upload the report to your online file. Once you complete the process online, you can print your card and start accessing better-quality cannabis.

Why Get an MMJ Card

There are many benefits you can get if you possess a medical marijuana card. They include:

  • Lower cannabis prices. A lot of medical stores make special price breaks for medical patients. Getting cannabis for medical purposes can have you enjoying discounts of up to 30%.

  • More medical specific products (CBD). If you want to benefit the medical potential of cannabis without the high, you can look for dispensaries with high-CBD strains in stock. With your MMJ card, you will able to choose from specific products that provide you with the most value and relief.
  • Lower tax rates. If you have an MMJ card, the government recognizes your health-related need for the product. That is why they will cut the tax rates on your purchases. In Colorado, you are charged to pay the 2.9% state sales tax.