Temporary Tattoos For Kids: Fun, Fresh Designs That Little Ones Will Love

Nobody has a more relaxed way of expressing themselves than the kids. So, you can add to their excitement and see how their faces light up by adding several things on their special days, like birthdays or a day in the amusement park.

A good idea to brighten your kids’ day can be considering temporary tattoos for kids. They are safe and easy to apply and remove. The great thing is that there is a great selection of temporary tattoos for the kids. The following are temporary tattoo ideas that kids will love.

Henna Tattoos

If your kids love tattoos but don’t want anything permanent on their bodies, you can always go for henna tattoos. Draw a beautiful butterfly, flower, or strawberry, and let the kid enjoy the tattoo for some days.

Elephant Tattoos

A temporary elephant tattoo will leave your kid grinning from ear to ear. Make it perfect by choosing something you know the kid will love. A temporary elephant tattoo can be a perfect option for a small kid fascinated by such images. You can choose one with a pink or blue flower in the trunk.

Heart Tattoos

Getting custom temporary tattoos for the whole family can also be a good idea. It is an excellent way of representing your love for each other as a family. The best thing is that temporary tattoos fit kids and adults. So, look for a fun design to tattoo everyone in the family. You can add some splash to the background by adding color to give you a more connective feeling.

Flower Tattoo Designs

You can also get flower kids tattoos for their birthday parties to make them feel special. If it is a girl, go for colors to remind her that she is a princess and princesses deserve flowers. There are many temporary floral tattoos for kids, from glittery to starry, simple, etc. pick the ones you know will amaze the kid and help them have fun.

Flower temporary tattoos are fun, charming, and elegant. You can get them in their hands, giving you no better way of showing how much you love them.

Cartoon Characters For Birthdays

Cartoons play an integral part in your kids’ lives. Therefore, you can make their days memorable by getting them temporary tattoos of their favorite cartoon characters.

A good way of choosing them can be letting the kids choose what they like. The good thing is that they are not permanent. Therefore, you can remove them at any time. The kids will have fun enjoying the cartoon character tattooed on their skin for some time.

Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas

Hello, Kitty tattoos for kids also make a perfect option. It is a charming character, especially for girls. Your kids may already have some items, like bags, shoes, clothes, etc., bearing this character, but how about making it more exciting by choosing this tattoo design? The choice is adorable and might be your girl’s favorite.

To Conclude

These are great temporary tattoo design ideas you can try on your kids. Kids love experimenting, and temporary tattoos are a way of making their childhood fun.