Mark Roemer Oakland Talks About Benefits of Sleep for Exercise Recovery


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that one of the most effective methods of exercise recovery is proper sleep. You need to get optimal sleep to promote recovery so that your workout session can be more effective. If you want to achieve the desired results from exercise, you need to focus on recovering from a hard workout. Mentioned below are some benefits of sleep for exercise recovery:

The Benefits

  1. Being fully prepared for the next workout session – You must keep in mind that it is the beginning of the next as you end a workout. So, getting a proper amount of sleep is vital for allowing your body to rest and give your best during the next session.
  1. Allowing muscles to repair themselves – Seven to eight hours of sleep relax and repair your muscles. As per some experts, a good night’s sleep helps repair tissues and all other damages caused during the exercise. It allows your muscles to regenerate and grow, and they gain more strength during the process.
  1. Letting the anabolic hormones perform their functions – When you get a full night’s sleep, it allows the anabolic hormones to carry on their tissue repair functions. Not getting enough sleep may produce more catabolic hormones, and it may disrupt the body’s balance.
  1. Removal of unnecessary metabolic waste – One of the most important benefits of sleep includes ensuring that the useless metabolic waste is removed from your body. An optimal sleep provides enough time for the process, and you are not overly tired. Sleep boosts your energy levels and allows the brain to remove the unwanted waste while maintaining the flow of oxygen and glycogen vital for every day-to-day activity.
  1. Helps in digestion – When you sleep, digestion of carbohydrates becomes easy and then metabolized into glycogen. Glycogen is crucial for muscle contractions and helps in increasing muscle size. So, you require sleep so that glycogen is not exhausted, and you can get the desired results of your daily exercises.
  1. Proper functioning of the immune system – You need enough sleep every night to facilitate the proper functioning of your immune system. Getting sufficient sleep reduces the chances of falling ill, and as you stay healthy, you can be consistent in your exercise routine.
  1. Allows you to be more productive in your performance – As you get the required amount of sleep, you tend to be fully productive in your workout. However, if you have not got a night of proper sleep, you may skip the high-intensity exercise, or else you may experience fatigue or injuries. It is best to plan your workouts considering the quality of your sleep the night before.


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you must include sleep in your post-workout recovery strategy to enjoy the above benefits. It is regarded as one of the most efficient ways of allowing your body to recover and prepare for the next workout session. Workout is genuinely regarded as a perfect balance between sleep and exercise.