Iqaluit Dental Clinic Provides You Top Common Tips on Enhancing Your Smile

Woman patient at dentist


According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, a beautiful smile can help improve your self-esteem and allow you to convey emotions on a deeper level. Thus, you should always practice smiling genuinely and confidently. However, there are many practical tips you can follow to enhance your smile even more.

Tips & Tricks

Here are the top tips you can follow to enhance your smile:

  1. Take care of your dental health – Maximizing your dental health will not only allow you to maintain healthy teeth and gums but also help to enhance your smile. Thus, make it a habit to brush your teeth at least twice a day and after meals to get rid of any food particles stuck in between your teeth. Also, invest a few minutes each day in flossing to improve your oral hygiene.

This will prevent the build-up of plaque and reduce the risk of cavities which will allow you to smile more confidently. Also, ensure you visit your dentist at least once every three to six months for a thorough dental checkup. It will help you to prevent serious dental issues that can ruin your dental health and smile before they get too severe.

  1. Consider teeth whitening strips – Nobody likes to view dirty, yellow teeth. On the other hand, perfect, white teeth are synonymous with a beautiful smile. Thus, it makes sense to apply whitening strips to make your teeth appear whiter. Generally, you just have to apply the whitening strips twice a day for a couple of weeks to witness noticeable improvements.

The whitening strips effectively bleach your teeth to make them a shade whiter. And, although they are not a permanent solution, the whitening effect will last a long time. Plus, they are a good alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get your teeth whitened at the dentist’s office.

  1. Invest in braces – If your teeth are not aligned properly, they can ruin the look of your face when you smile. Braces can straighten your crooked teeth slowly over time and make them look perfectly natural. Although they are a costly and time-consuming solution, you should definitely consider getting braces to enhance the look of your teeth and enhance your smile.

You can opt for Invisalign braces if you feel self-conscious wearing traditional braces. And you can wear braces no matter the age, even as an older adult.

  1. Consider dental implants and veneers – Missing teeth can seriously ruin your smile. Thus, if you are missing a tooth or two due to age or accidents, it is important to get them replaced with dental implants, dentures, or dental bridges.

You can also consider dental veneers which are thin, tooth-shaped shells that you can wear over your existing teeth to cover up chips, fill in gaps, and make your teeth appear whiter.


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests you practice smiling in front of a mirror to get into a regular habit of smiling. This would allow you to check how you really look while smiling so that you can adjust it accordingly. Also, remember to tilt your head a little while smiling to make your smile more flattering.