How To Use CBD To Get The Most Out Of It

Cannabidiol promises many health and wellness benefits, including easing discomfort, alleviating bad moods, and improving sleep. While some people claim significant benefits of CBD, others find it elusive, which is understandable because many factors influence the effectiveness of CBD. These include how much you consume, the delivery method, and your body chemistry.

Fortunately, there are some ways to increase the efficacy of CBD.

Incorporating CBD Into Your Diet

There are various ways of consuming CBD, including CBD gummies, oil, lollipops, and capsules. But have you ever thought of adding CBD into your diet? CBD experts at Opulent Organics suggest that certain fatty foods can boost the effectiveness of CBD. Several studies have proven that taking CBD with a fatty meal can increase your blood CBD factor by 14. Focus on foods such as sardines, tuna, eggs, mackerel, chia seeds, mayonnaise, avocado, sesame oil, coconut oil, nuts, and hemp seeds.

The best type of fats for boosting the effectiveness of CBD are omega 3 and 6. Additionally, cocoa powder has three kinds of N-acylethanolamines, which are fatty acids that resemble the natural endocannabinoid the body produces. Therefore cocoa powder can activate the cannabinoid receptors in your body, boosting the effectiveness of CBD.

Add It To Your Drinks

Besides adding CBD into your food, you can also add it to your drinks, whether tea, coffee, juice, or other beverages. Flavored CBD oil drops are already liquid, so incorporating them into your drinks is easier and helps you reap the various benefits of the ingredient.

Coffee, tea, and smoothies are popular morning drinks for many, and adding CBD makes you feel more energized for the day. Furthermore, many smoothies are packed with different nutrients, so adding CBD only makes them better for your body.

Use CBD With Herbs And Spices

Although CBD has many wellness benefits, consuming it alone lacks the entourage effect of the whole cannabis plant. Note that cannabis contains other cannabinoids and terpenes in addition to CBD, and they work best together. When you buy CBD capsules for wellness, consider adding herbs such as black pepper, cloves, basil, black caraway, hops, and oregano into your diet.

Since terpenes occur in many natural plants, adding more herbs and spices into your diet can add more value to your CBD. You can also consider full-spectrum CBD oil if you want to try more terpenes and achieve more CBD wellness benefits.

Use CBD With Curcumin

Curcumin is naturally an anti-inflammatory compound and helps manage oxidative stress, anxiety, and arthritis. It is used as a natural supplement, food flavoring, coloring, or cosmetic ingredient. With such benefits taking a CBD capsule with curcumin can help you get the most out of it.

Use CBD With Melatonin

If you are sleep-deprived, using CBD capsules with melatonin can help alleviate insomnia to promote better sleep. Melatonin is a natural body hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles. As a dietary supplement, it improves sleep; therefore, taking CBD with melatonin can boost its effectiveness.

To sum it up, you can incorporate CBD into your diet and drinks, and by mixing it with certain spices or foods you can get the most out of it.