Everything You Should Know About Chordee

Chordee is a congenital disability in males, often resulting in abnormal development and cosmetic appearance of the penis. It is a common occurrence as 1 out of 200 male children is born with this. A person who is supposed to have chordee has their penis either curved upwards or downwards. But, one can opt for chordee repair and get it right with minor surgery. To date, the cause of chordee is still unknown, but it is assumed that the penis stops growing while the fetus is developing in the womb.

What does one mean by hypospadias, and how is it related to chordee?

Hypospadias is a congenital disorder that leads to urinary duct growth on the penis underside rather than on the tip. In a few cases, the dislocation is limited to some extent, while in some, it may even end up in testicles. Some of the unknown facts about chordee that you might not know are:

1)         Chordee can rarely occur alone, and it co-exists with hypospadias. It either appears along with chordee or causes chordee to happen.

2)         Other congenital disorders can also be a root cause of chordee.

3)         The scrotum may be attached to the penis, with the sac holding the testicles.

4)         Chordee can be identified soon after birth, and there is always a chordee repair possible.

5)          An extra foreskin that gives the penis a hooded appearance can also cause chordee.

So if you or your family member has been suffering from chordee, it is a must to take him to some professional who can administer timely treatment to ensure that the penis regains its original position in no time.

What are the problems faced by a person suffering from chordee?

Some of the most frequent problems faced by an individual due to chordee are as follows:

1)         Difficulty in urinating in standing position.

2)         Discharge of blood from the penis and other urinary tracts.

3)         Disturbance in married life because of erectile dysfunction.

4)         Discomfort in doing workouts and other physical exercises.

5)         Limitation to do certain things.

6)         Pain that does not go away even with the painkillers.

What is chordee repair?

Chordee repair is a surgery performed to heal the penis and remove the curvature defect. It is performed by a pediatric urologist who is an expert in treating such problems. It usually takes 1-3 hours, depending on the nature of the defect. The patient is released on the same day after the surgery. One needs to keep that place clean and dry post-operation to optimize the healing. One also needs to follow a liquid diet and maintain austerity to keep one’s bowels soft and light.


Chordee is sometimes apparent during birth and sometimes during adolescence. One should visit the doctor as soon as one gets any symptoms. It is a must to get the chordee repair before it becomes irreparable. If it is performed at a young age, it may be corrected only with one surgery, but in adults, it may take more than one surgery to fix it perfectly. As per the study, this repair is considered to be successful in most cases.