Cancer Conquerors: Stories of Triumph and Treatment in the Face of Radiation

As you embark on your journey of fighting cancer, it is important to first know how this illness affects millions of people. As a formidable opponent, cancer takes various forms and affects different body parts.

But one thing that remains unchanged is the significance of hope. According to healthcare experts, it has the power to overcome the odds and can give you the strength you need to face and fight the condition.

Ricardo’s Story

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, don’t worry – you got this. Like Ricardo Ricks, a cancer conqueror, you can be a survivor, too. One of the things that helped Ricardo survive cancer is the strong support he got from his church community and family. According to him, the relationship is one of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal. If it worked for him, it can work for you, as well.

From Ricardo’s story, he was diagnosed with lung cancer 14 years ago. By the time he moved to Baltimore from Washington, D.C., and after many years of working as a tutor, he was helping his friend with some paperwork to gain a license for a psychiatric rehab program.

As a smoker for many years, he started coughing specks of blood, which made him visit a doctor at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. The doctors there advised him to visit UEW Healthcare and see specialist. Although the lung expert told him that he had stage-3 lung cancer and would be in for a very long journey, it didn’t sink into Ricardo’s mind. He was only focused on helping his friend get a medical contract until a few months into treatment, his situation became apparent.

At first, Ricardo’ underwent a biopsy, where his vocal cords got damaged. He also required a tracheostomy tube so as to support his breathing. Later, he underwent chemo and radiation for several weeks. Although it was a horrible experience, he had unwavering faith, and through God and support from the family and church, he conquered all. Regardless of having lung cancer, Ricardo is a conqueror and long-term survivor. Now, at 61, he enjoys spending more with his dog and grandchildren while listening to country music.

What Do You Learn from the Story?

From Ricardo’s story, it is important to identify warning symptoms and visit your doctor immediately. This will ensure timely intervention and help you conquer cancer like he did. If you have a family doctor or general practitioner at your disposal, let them be the first point of contact, then let specialties and oncologists give you invaluable insights into your illness and take you through the process of treatment.

Another thing you learn from his story is strong support. Family, friends, church community, and even your family doctors can be a reliable source of strength to help you fight cancer and be a conqueror.

Fighting cancer is a long journey that requires resilience and strong faith – that is if you are a believer. If you have a family and friends too, let them offer their support where they can. And remember, you don’t live with cancer; it lives with you – let that be your mantra always.