Aptihealth 101: Delivering Innovative Solutions for Our Behavioral Health

Communities in the United States are increasingly turning to digital solutions for help with their healthcare needs. United States communities were particularly impacted by the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as its massive toll on mental health in both the adult and adolescent populations.

Aptihealth rose from the cracks in 2017 to meet the needs of a growing population of patients needing affordable, accessible, and reliable behavioral health services. With a focus on telehealth and virtual-first servicing, Aptihealth works within the more excellent web of the healthcare ecosystem.

The publication Behavioral Health Business outlined a growing industry that featured sizzling trends for savvy investors. The magazine pointed out that significant transitions would occur throughout 2023 as the COVID-19 pandemic ended. The expiration of the pandemic’s public health emergency will lead to more regulation and improved outcomes for telehealth regulations and other associated medication-assisted treatment plans.

Spotlight On Higher Level of Care

Millions of people around the United States were impacted by the realities of at least one behavioral health concern. Reports showed that nearly one-fifth of the United States was exposed to and affected by issues relating to behavioral health in 2020. The most common causes of behavioral health disorders include anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Aptihealth works with healthcare providers to offer evidence-based solutions designed upon a model that most effectively delivers them to a larger-scale population. Aptihealth interfaces with care providers while providing telehealth services to its patients, guiding them through a HIPAA-compliant experience accessible through smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Mission Statement of Aptihealth

As Aptihealth continues to grow, it leans onto the origins of its company to continue in the right direction. Founded in 2017, Aptihealth developed a five-part mission statement to bring the company to a better place today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

A value-based provider, Aptihealth focused on the following mission statements when developing its business plan.

  1. Provide Expanded Access to Evidence-based Care in a Virtual Setting
  2. Personalize Patient Care By Improving Clinical Outcomes
  3. Eliminate Major Financial Impediments by Offering Feasible Alternatives
  4. Enable Providers to Deliver Superb Care For Optimized Outcomes
  5. Execute at All Times With Integrity and Compliance

Aptihealth ensures continued success by driving its technology-driven care with the excellence of the human touch. Accommodating computers, smartphones, and tablets, patients can schedule their sessions, track progress, and work directly with their therapist from home.

Every digital video therapy session with AptiHealth is designed to personally suit the patient’s specific needs. If a patient finds that they need medication, Aptihealth will add a prescriber to the care team, who will also have access to the video platform. Technology continues to play a vital role in the growth of Aptihealth, and their collaborative focus within the larger healthcare space also shows promise.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), nearly 2/3rds of primary care physicians can only provide for some of their patients with outpatient behavioral health service referrals such as Aptihealth.