4 Better Ways to Maintain the Health of Workers in a Construction Site

Equipment needs maintenance so it can keep on working and operating smoothly. In different ways, humans are similar to machines. Like machines, humans also need to maintain their health.

Taking good care of your health is vital. Your body is basically your main companion. It enables you to do everything you love.

For construction employees, their bodies normally have a rough go. The construction industry challenges their body and health in ways that don’t happen in other occupations.

Practicing health maintenance is part of the commercial construction glossary. And for construction workers to achieve this, they will need to up their game both mentally and physically.

As an employer, you also have a duty to maintain the health of your workers. The best ways to attain the goal include the following:

1.     Provide Healthy Foods

Fast food might be convenient. However, they don’t encourage everyone to control weight and be productive.

Construction employees need to be motivated to eat healthy lunches. This promotes employee well-being and maximum performance on the job.

Plus, there is room for safety talks or discussion in a construction meeting to emphasize the need for health-focused foodstuffs for workers.

2.     Encourage Hydration

Construction projects are demanding physically. Days are longer, and the sun gets hotter throughout the year.

Your workers should stay hydrated for them to be productive and healthy. Some research shows a 5% drop in hydration may result in a more than 50% decrease in productivity.

You should motivate your employees to have refillable water bottles just nearby. And provide one or two water coolers that may they fill up during their work shifts.

At the same time, avoid keeping coffee brewing and don’t provide sodas as alternatives. That is because caffeinated drinks only accelerate dehydration.

3.     Consider Addressing Mental Health

Well, caring for the mental health of your workers is very important. It ensures your workers are healthy and happy while on the construction site.

Those long hours of working hard can take a toll on the body and mind of your workers. To counter this, you should promote time for rest, a psychologically safe work environment, and a healthy life-work balance.

4.     Motivate Workers to Take Breaks Regularly

In a high-stress and loud environment that a construction site might be, even veteran operations can suffer from severe fatigue and other chronic illnesses.

At the end of the day, their reflexes may start to slow down. This is why a site manager needs to ensure every worker takes breaks regularly to rejuvenate and rest.

It is recommended that your workers take enough rest for stand-by shifts and on-site, preferably more than 90 hours weekly.

Plus, in security roles, working away from home, and high-stress shifts, construction workers should be entitled to compensatory rest.

The Bottom Line!

Taking good care of your workers’ minds and bodies will enable them to have a safe, enjoyable, long, and healthy career ahead of them.

Self-care is a vital part of professional and personal success. Making some time for relaxation, eating healthily, and adopting healthy habits will minimize the risks of accidents and reduce stress.